Mesmerizing Dzukou Valley Trek Trip – Explore the Beautiful Valleys of Nagaland in 7 days!

Itinerary for Mesmerizing Dzukou Valley Trek Trip

The Mesmerizing Dzukou Valley Trek Trip of Corners of Earth will let you explore the beautiful lush green hilly terrains of Nagaland mostly on foot. Dzukou Valley is a less known destination and primarily because of this reason, the sanctity of this trekking trail is still maintained. A few days of stay amidst the beautiful valleys of Nagaland is worth experiencing!

Join us in this trekking tour to see the beautiful valleys of Nagaland!

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Day 1: Arrival at Dimapur followed by your transfer to Khonoma.

Your Mesmerizing Dzukou Valley Trek Trip with Corners of Earth shall start upon your arrival at Dimapur, the largest city in Nagaland. From Dimapur, we will drive you to the Khonoma village and the journey usually takes about 3-4 hours.

Khonoma is a small village located at a distance of 20 km from Nagaland’s capital city Kohima. The hilly terrains of this village are covered with lush green forest cover. Khonoma is also home to a variety of species of flora and fauna. The terraced cultivation of this place further enhances the beauty of this small Himalayan village. Overnight stay at Khonoma.

Day 2: Sightseeing of Khonoma Village followed by hiking to the Seikhakie Base Camp.

After completing breakfast in the morning, we will go out and explore Khonoma village. During this sightseeing tour of Khonoma village, you will get to know about the history and traditions of this place.

Khonoma is also known as the “First Green Village of India”. After the sightseeing tour, you will be served lunch. You have the option to relish the traditional food of this region. After lunch, we will embark on an hour long trek to reach the Seikhakie Base Camp. Overnight stay at Seikhakie.

Day 3: Seikhakie Base Camp to Dzukou.

On this 3rd day of the Mesmerizing Dzukou Valley Trek Trip with Corners of Earth, travellers will explore the beautiful Dzukou Valley. After breakfast, you will have to trek to the Dzukou Valley. The distance from Seikhakie to Dzukou is approximately 6 km.

Dzukou Valley, known as the “Valley of Flowers of North-East India” is situated at the border of 2 Indian states – Nagaland and Manipur. The valley has a wide variety of flowers. The light and shadow play on the lush green beautiful terrains of Dzukou Valley is something which every nature lover would love to see. And, the sight will be a memorable one!

On your way to the Dzukou Valley, you will cross Khonoma Nature Conservation and Tragopan Sanctuary. Bird lovers and bird photographers will definitely enjoy this Dzukou Valley Trek.

Overnight stay at Dzukou.

Day 4: Dzukou to Dzulekei.

On this day of your trekking tour in Nagaland, you will be exploring the Dzukou Valley. There is a small waterfall close to the Dzukou camp site and you may go there to explore its beauty. Later, we will trek to the Dzulekei Village. Overnight stay at Dzulekei.

Day 5: Dzulekei to Benreu.

The 5th day of the Mesmerizing Dzukou Valley Trek Trip will take you to another beautiful place in Nagaland – Benreu. Benreu, a small tourist village, is preserved around the ethnic tourism concept. The place is calm and peaceful and you will enjoy your stay here.

During your stay at Benreu, you should not miss out on having the Kennie Nku which is a local bread made from sticky rice and baked over a heated stone kiln. Overnight stay at Benreu.

Day 6: Benreu to Mt. Pauna and back.

Mt. Pauna is the 3rd highest peak in Nagaland, India. On this day of your Nagaland trek tour, you will trek up to the Mt. Pauna peak, spend some time there, and return back to Benreu Village for an overnight stay.

Day 7: Benreu to Dimapur.

On this last day of your Mesmerizing Dzukou Valley Trek Trip with Corners of Earth, we will drive you to Dimapur. Enroute, we will stop at a few places including Pelekei Village. In this village, you will witness how salt is being prepared in the traditional way.

Upon your arrival at Dimapur, your memorable trekking trip with Corners of Earth shall end!


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