Popular Monsoon Destinations – Best Places to visit during Monsoon in India!

If you are in search for the Best Places to visit during Monsoon in India, then this article from Corners of Earth can be beneficial for you to plan a trip during your monsoon holidays.

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Most of us think that travelling in monsoon in India is a bad decision. Well, the decision can be bad as long as you don’t go to the right destinations during the rainy seasons.

Travelling in India during the monsoons is a fun thing to do. The country is blessed to have many places that serve as popular monsoon destinations for travellers around the world. In India, the rainy seasons sets in around the month of June and it lasts until the end of August. During this period of time, very fewer tourist activities take place. The hotels and resorts which charge exorbitant amounts for their rooms during the peak seasons minimize their rates during the rainy seasons. Thus, if you are travelling on a budget then this time of the year will be suitable for you to explore the popular tourist destinations in India at much lesser costs.

Best Places to visit during Monsoon in India

We have listed down below some of the best places to visit during monsoon in India. Travelling to these popular monsoon destinations can be refreshing and romantic as well.


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The literal meaning of the name Meghalaya is “The abode of clouds”. The natural beauty of this small Northeast Indian state is such that it perfectly justifies its meaning. And, this is exactly why we have placed it in our list of popular monsoon destinations in India. Most of the places in Meghalaya are located on hilly terrains and remain covered in thick layers of cloud throughout the year. The state receives the maximum amount of rainfall than any other Indian states. Many small beautiful rivers flow through Meghalaya which gave birth to several picturesque waterfalls on their ways. Approximately 70% of the state is covered with green dense subtropical pine forest. The wide diversity of flora and fauna creates a magical environment during the monsoons.

During your monsoon tour of Meghalaya, a visit to the capital city of Shillong is a must. The city also served as the capital of the united Northeast Indian (Assam) territory during the British regime. Because of its geographical similarities with Scotland, Shillong was nicknamed as “The Scotland of the East” by the Britishers residing in India. At Shillong, you can go to the Shillong Peak which is considered to be an important place for the people belonging to the Khasi community. A visit to the Shillong Golf Course should also be on your tour plan.

Cherrapunjee, the land of waterfalls, is another beautiful place that should always remain on your list of must-visit places in Meghalaya. Rain Queen Cherrapunjee and Mawsynram are the 2 places which receive the most rainfall than any other places in the world.

Widely regarded as popular monsoon destinations in India, these places attract plenty of tourists throughout the year. Visits to the Elephant Falls, Noukhali Falls, the Seven Sister Falls and the Limestone Caves is blissful.

Meghalaya is also famous for Mawlynnong, a small town located in the lap of Jayantia hills and is known as Asia’s cleanest village. Visits to the living root bridge, Dowki, Umaim lake are the must.

We can, therefore, say, monsoon trips to Meghalaya would never disappoint you!

Lonavala and Khandala

Lonavala, Khandala, Mahabaleshwar, Corners of Earth, Maharashtra Tour, Popular Monsoon Destinations in India

Lonavala and Khandala are another two best places to visit during monsoon in India. For people residing in Pune and Mumbai, they serve as popular weekend destinations. The twin hill stations of Lonavala and Khandala are located in the lap of the Western Ghats and remain under lush green cover almost throughout the year. There are many lakes in this region. The small rivers which flow through these destinations transformed into beautiful waterfalls at several places.

The combined package of hills and water makes them ideal monsoon weekend getaways near Mumbai. During the rainy seasons, the lakes get completely filled with rainwater. Also, the small streams of water take the form of giant waterfalls and offer scenic views. The Bhushi Dam too looks beautiful in this time of the year. Visits to the Bhaja Caves, Carla Caves and Koregad Fort should always be there on the itinerary list of people travelling to Khandala and Lonavala.

Rains simply bring romance and married couples can enjoy romantic rain walks amidst the cloud-covered hills and picturesque green landscapes during the rainy seasons!

Khandala and Lonavala, thus, are undoubtedly amongst the best romantic monsoon destinations in India.


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Image Courtesy: Susobhan Aich

Kerala, the Southernmost state of India, is home to some beautiful places that particularly come alive during the monsoon seasons. Aptly nicknamed as “God’s own country”, Kerala has so many things to offer!

Monsoons in Kerala are truly spectacular. The rain season usually arrives during the month of June in Kerala. Like many other places, Kerala usually don’t receive continuous rainfall for a few days or weeks. It rains for a couple of hours and when the rain stops the golden interludes of soft sunshine creates a heavenly magic in the environment.

Monsoon tourism in Kerala is gradually getting popular. With every passing year, the number of tourists visiting Kerala during the rainy seasons is increasing.

There are many places to visit in Kerala during monsoon. Alleppey is one such beautiful place. Allepey, a popular monsoon destination in India is famous for its backwaters. A short stay in the houseboats stationed on the backwaters of Alleppey will always give you a memorable travel experience. And, during the monsoon seasons, the stay in the houseboats shall get even more memorable. The clouds and the rains create the magic! You can also treat yourself with some of the Ayurvedic Spas which actually make Kerala special. Alleppey is also known for its canals, beaches, lagoons, temples and boat races. This small town is often referred to as the “Venice of India”.

Munnar is another popular monsoon tourist destination in Kerala. Munnar, one of the most popular and beautiful hill stations of Kerala, is better known for its tea gardens. During monsoon, the picturesque hilly terrains of cloud and mist covered Munnar attracts plenty of travel enthusiast people to this place.

Thekkady is another beautiful place in Kerala that is worth visiting during the monsoons! The beauty of the Periyar Forests of Thekkady enhances few folds during the monsoon seasons.

Kovalam is another monsoon destination which will always find a place in the list of the best places to visit during monsoon in India. Known for its magnificent beaches, Kovalam offers splendid sunrise and sunset views during the rainy seasons!

The combination of monsoon along with the hills, the forests, the beaches, the backwaters and the lakes, therefore, makes Kerala a popular monsoon destination!

Thus, if you are planning your honeymoon trip during the monsoons, Kerala can be an excellent choice for you!


Leh, Ladakh, Corners of Earth, Tours, Trip, Ladakh Trip

Without Ladakh, the list of best places to visit during monsoon in India will remain incomplete. Every year, a large number of tourists visit this Northernmost region of India to experience its beauty. Ladakh is a rain shadow region which receives very less rainfall in a year. Although it rains less during monsoon, the activities of the clouds are something which sets in a drama in the environment of Ladakh.

The landscapes and the scenic views of the mountains, lakes and glaciers of Ladakh are always adorable. The passing clouds over the towering golden mountains create a beautiful mystery of light and shadow in the valleys of Ladakh. And, during the monsoons, the sight becomes even more enjoyable!

Ladakh is also home to many beautiful Buddhist Monasteries. Exploring them should always be on the cards of every traveller visiting Ladakh. The Pangong Lake and the sand dunes of the Nubra Valley should never be missed during the monsoons!

Travellers wanting to explore the best monsoon destinations in India should always include Ladakh in their “Places to visit in India” list.


matheran, maharahtra tour, corners of earth, Monsoon Weekend Getaways, Popular Monsoon Destinations in India

Matheran, the small beautiful hill station of Maharashtra located in the Western Ghats range is a popular monsoon weekend getaways for people residing in Mumbai and Pune. Located at an altitude of 2,625 feet, Matheran mostly remains covered in a blanket of cloud and mist throughout the rainy seasons.

No motor vehicles are allowed to operate inside this own. Walking and horse driven vehicles (tangas) are perhaps the best means to explore Matheran.

Therefore, if you want to spend a few days amidst the calm, beautiful and green environment of Matheran, you can schedule a monsoon trip to Matheran.

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